Create a new sample by using HL7 2.x.x standards

This call will create samples and meta fields using HL7 standards and based on the provided mapping document (e.g. representing vials or tubes),
Values only support ST (string) datatypes. In case of a Batch HL7 file, multiple samples are created. An FHS line with File Name/ID (FHS-9) must be included for the ACK response to return the proper ID.
If ommitted, an ACK will be given to only the last MSH message. As the sample creation is done in transaction, this single ACK represents all the messages.
Note: HL7 messages need to be accompanied by a mapping parameter that describes the mapping as a JSON object.

This call does not support automatic naming even if configured as such in the sampletype. Always specify the name explicitly in your calls.


    "sampleTypeID": 12485,
    "storageLayerID": 0, /* Optional */
    "position": 0, /* Optional */
    "name": {
        "segment": "MSH",
        "field": 10
    "description": { /* Optional */
        "segment": "MSH",
        "field": 9,
        "component": 3
    "altBarcode": { /* Optional: Alternative barcode information. */
        "segment": "OBR",
        "field": 31
    "sampleTypeMetaIDMapping": [ /* Optional: Array of mappings for the sampleTypeMetaID to the respective segment in the HL7 message */
            "sampleTypeMetaID": 85318,
            "segment": "OBX",
            "field": 5
            "sampleTypeMetaID": 85317,
            "segment": "ORC",
            "field": 2
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