Update the content of a DATATABLE section

Supply the contents of the data table in the body with the following format:

    ["cell A1 contents", "cell B1 contents"],
    ["cell A2 contents", "cell B2 contents"],
    ["cell A3 contents", "cell B3 contents"]

Note that all cell values must be strings, even if they're numeric.

The number of columns must always be equal per row. For example, if you have three rows and three columns then you must supply the values for cells A1..C1, A2..C2 and A3..C3, even if some of those cells are empty.

You can make empty cells by supplying a value of "", e.g. [["", "", "123"]] will create a table with one row and three columns where cells A1 and B1 are empty and C3 contains 123.

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