Upload files to the server

Files can be a maximum size of 250 mb. Currently only supports local storage. A valid URL (e.g. https://www.abc.com/myfile.jpg, not www.abc.com/myfile.jpg) can be given as a optional parameter which will be used to fetch a file from the URL provided instead of uploading a file directly from local machine. On Elabjournal file storage browser your files will appear in the outside of a folder unless the folderID is provided.Swagger cannot be used for testing file uploads, please use another external tool (e.g. Postman).

Example url local file: https://www.elabjournal.com/api/v1/files?fileName=testfile.jpg

Example url remote file: https://www.elabjournal.com/api/v1/files?fileName=testfile.jpg&url=https://picsum.photos/200

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