Getting started

This page will help you get started with eLabNext. You'll be up and running in a jiffy!

Enroll for the developer program

To start development you need to enroll for the developer program first. This will enable your account to use Developer Mode.

[[Please refresh page if enrollment form is not shown]]

Please take a look at the eLabNext Developer License Agreement, which you will need to sign before publishing your first Add-On.

Developer Mode

Once you are enrolled in the developer program and you have access to the SDK development environment (sandbox), you can start with SDK add-on development.

Start by navigating to the Developer tab in My Account to access the developer settings.

Node.js requirements

Node.js version >= 16 or above (which can be checked by running: node -v).

You can use nvm for managing multiple Node versions on a single machine installed. When installing Node.js, you are recommended to check all checkboxes related to dependencies.