Registering for a Samples Bulk Action

This document describes how to add a button action to the sample list page.
Please read up Getting started before starting.

Add-on configuration


Error handling / Status codes

Status codeNameMeaning
200OKSuccess. (JSON) content is included in the body.
204No ContentSuccess and no body content. This status is always returned when a call does not produce content.
400Bad RequestBad/missing parameters or JSON input.
401Not AuthorizedAuthentication header is missing or the supplied API token is invalid.
403ForbiddenThe user associated with the API token has no permission for the requested operation.
404Not FoundThe resource specified in the request does not exist.
405Method Not AllowedThe API call was made with an unsupported HTTP method. (e.g. GET instead of POST.)
409ConflictA POST or PUT operation failed because it conflicts with existing data.
500Internal Server ErrorA generic error occurred on the server. The response's message property contains a description of the error.

Receiving an API key

Receiving an API key

Clustermarket Integration

Clustermarket Integration


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Add-on header fields

Configuration options


A capability is a specific piece of eLab backend logic that can only be used when access is installing an add-on that provides this capability.
To retrieve a list of capabilities available in eLab, you can request the following API endpoint:

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